The Petrochemical industry consulting team of us, provides professional services through design, construction, commissioning, and operational phases of a facility.
For years, the presence of our experts in the highest and most important sectors of this industry has brought us valuable knowledge and practice so that we can serve our customers in a worthy way.
In our team, there are specialists from various fields of mechanical, chemical, electronic and civil engineering.

​Consultant and executive engineering in the oil, gas and steel industry

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About us: Our mission at the Iron Butterfly Of Development is to achieve a mutual prosperity in our cooperation with the parties of commercial and industrial contracts. A team benefiting from technical people and experienced engineers has been formed along with engineers graduated from prestigious universities with innovative creativity with high sensitivities and comprehensive considerations and is trying to provide reliable services by benefiting from this possibility in various parts of its duties. We provide small and large industrial projects. Also, the ability to produce a part of the equipment and devices and supply or import another part of the requirements of the projects from the main sources has resulted in us being able to protect the interests of the parties to our contracts. Our engineers are active in the form of two active project teams in the two specialized fields of oil and gas and steel industry.
The strong core of our team has been active in the iron and steel industry and plant engineering and related technology supply for many years.
Our organizational consulting and technology consulting support steel producers to improve their processes, all the way from raw materials to the finished product.
We know many plant engineering companies and plant suppliers that offer process technology, process equipment or process automation, and our engineers have accompanied numerous large-scale projects in the iron and steel industry from inception to commissioning.Several years of active presence in the issues related to the design, monitoring, testing and commissioning and operation of steel factories has led us to be able to give manufacturers a reliable offer about our team.

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